A Six-Year-Old Girl Asked for Green Army Women. The Toy Company Listened

A Six-Year-Old Girl Asked for Green Army Women. The Toy Company Listened

One of the leading producers of green army men toys is preparing to march lockstep with today’s U.S. Army. In response to queries by female veterans and girls, BMC Toys will release a set of female Army soldiers in all the classic poses, including holding bazookas and shooting rifles.

According to the company blog, the Scranton, Pennsylvania-based toy company received a query from U.S. Navy veterans asking if there were any female soldiers. This was followed by a letter from a six-year-old girl who was also looking for female green army men. The company, recognizing the expanded role of women in the U.S. Army, began to explore the idea.

  • The green army men toys are getting an update.
  • The green army women are the result of queries by female veterans and one six-year-old girl’s letter in particular.
  • The figures will release in 2020.

Women have served in the U.S. Army since the Civil War. In the waning days of the Cold War, many combat support positions, including armed military police, were opened up to women. In 2016, the U.S. Army began accepting female applicants to positions in the combat arms, including infantry, armor, fire support specialist, and special operations positions. By 2018, five hundred women were serving in combat positions, a number that has undoubtedly increased.

BMC has released concept sketches (see above) of what the green army women will look like. The poses will be familiar to anyone who has ever had army men, including a kneeling infantry soldier with rifle, standing infantry soldier with rifle, and a female officer holding a pair of binoculars and a pistol.

Oh, and there’s also what kids will probably call a “bazookawoman,” much as the figure’s male counterpart is invariably called the “bazookaman”.

BMC will release the soldiers in their own set, “Plastic Army Women”, in 2020. Each set will cost $14.80 and include 24 soldiers in four poses. Each soldier will be approximately 2.25 inches tall and at 1/32 scale, the classic scale for green army men—and now women.


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